We make wines for life.

Everyone’s Invited

Deeply rooted in our winemaking philosophy is the belief that wine brings joy to life’s big and small occasions. 

Whether it’s Tuesday night take-out, catching up with friends on the weekend, or celebrating life’s really big milestones, we have a wine to pair with that. 

Everyone’s invited to the table. Join us!

Big Fire

Two bottles of R. Stuart Big Fire wine

We like to call Big Fire wines our “Tuesday night wines.” These are wines to open when you get home from work and are looking to enjoy a glass as you’re making dinner… and then another glass with dinner.

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Love, Oregon

Lineup of the Love, Oregon wine bottles

We’ve always been in awe of the rugged courage it took to cross the Oregon Trail and to homestead here – all to realize a dream. These wines are crafted in the spirit of those pioneers.

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Reserve Wines

Lineup of the R. Stuart Reserve wines

No matter which wine you choose here, you will always find that it is a perfect balance of fruit, acid, and gentle tannins. These wines pair beautifully with food and your very best friends and loved ones.

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Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wine bundle

Welcome to the wines which started Rob’s journey – our méthode champenoise sparkling wines. These wines are made to pair with celebrations of any kind, on any day.

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Specialty Wines

R. Stuart specialty wine bundle

These are the wines that have sparked Rob’s curiosity as a winemaker. They may have started as just an experiment, but now they have taken up residence in our hearts and home.

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